From eastern Asia to the Middle East, in Europe and even inside our own hemisphere, democracy is under threat. Authoritarianism and extremism are on the march and the rules-based international order, long a beacon of hope, freedom and stability, is under threat. Nowhere is this apparent than with the provocations and crimes perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. We are in a new cold war. The global pandemic made clear that we must re-shore manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, invest in new forms of technology, and renew and strengthen our democracy at home to leave no doubt among our allies that the U.S. will stand up to China’s aggression. America needs serious, engaged leaders willing to do it.


The ongoing crisis at the southern border is a crisis of the Biden Administration’s own making. The Ohio National Guard and even state law enforcement has stepped up to support border states in combating the illegal flow of migrants and drugs into our country. Strengthening border security is paramount to maintaining national sovereignty and keeping communities across America safe. We must oppose amnesty and fight to secure the border with walls, surveillance, virtual capabilities and personnel. We must stand for the Rule of Law.


The government doesn’t create jobs, but it can destroy them. Many of the problems plaguing our national economy today, from rampant inflation to energy crises and burdensome regulations, are the direct result of failed government policy. We must invest in education and training to reduce the shortage of skilled workers. To boost American competitiveness, we must reform our immigration system to ensure that the U.S. can attract top global talent. Investing in R&D helps sustain American dominance in emerging technologies. As other nations seek to challenge U.S. leadership – in some cases by tilting the global playing field with standards and rules that undermine American innovation – it remains paramount that the U.S. promotes market access and rules that promote domestic businesses and protect U.S. investments.


Rising crime in Ohio and across America stems from the attacks socialist Democrats have relentlessly waged against our police officers. It’s shameful and has no place in our communities. As a prosecutor and member of Ohio’s General Assembly, Matt Dolan has always supported our police and first responders. We must unapologetically BACK THE BLUE and stop any attempt to defund the police.

Building Stronger Families & Safer Communities

As a father and a Catholic, protecting the sanctity of human life and standing up for the most vulnerable members in our society isn’t just commonsense policy, it’s personal. Many candidates claim to be pro-life, but few have the record to prove it. Building a stronger America begins with stronger, safe communities and advancing culture that honors the value of every human life.


A modern infrastructure system is key to unleashing the full potential of the U.S. economy. A state with strong infrastructure attracts economic opportunities. The answer is not bloated Democrat wish lists that do little more than increase our national debt and burden future generations. We must keep up the fight for targeted infrastructure that is paid for, does not contribute to inflation and directly improves energy production, roads, bridges and airports to boost economic growth and American competitiveness.